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Hello, blog world! November 19, 2010

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Welcome to AshleyAvenue! It’s just life as I see it and live it. The “blog world” has changed my life and my perspective and it’s finally time for me to enter the conversation in hopes of helping others as the women who’ve I befriended along the way have helped me.

My journey to a healthy balance began my Junior year in college. My faith is very important to me, and I remember walking back to my dorm room praying to want to be healthy and to have a desire to take care of my body. I idolized what I thought was beauty.

At the end of my Senior year, truly through trusting the Lord, I began to get involved in group fitness and run. If you knew me at all, you’d know that this is revolutionary. I was the girl who tried to skip P.E. in elementary school to get out of the Mile Run. My goal on my bucket list was to run a 5K, but God had other plans…a half marathon. I was able to complete a half marathon in 1 hour 53 minutes, under my goal of 2 hours. I also took a personal health class and began to learn about the body. The body is enthralling! It was amazing to learn how and why my body was changing. I mean, I was 22 and had never really learned how to eat properly.

Because of all that has happened and changed in my life in the past year, I found the world of food blogs and feel like I have a whole new network of support to help me along the way…women that I’ve never met but that I feel I know and could definitely meet for a yummy dinner or a fun run. I have discovered a love for…


yogurt bowls,


…all in pretty bowls, with pretty spoons, AND with some form of nut butter (addiction!)

Please know that I am not a dietician, I’m just out on a journey to learn and to make friendships. I am happy to try new products (as long as they are “clean eating”) and travel (conferences, demos, trainings, etc.) to invest in this journey. What is life if not a journey? Why not make friends and be healthy along the way? Welcome to AshleyAvenue!


2 Responses to “Hello, blog world!”

  1. PB Says:

    i love this and I. LOVE. YOU.

  2. Erica Says:

    GREAT first post 🙂 So excited for your blog 🙂 🙂

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