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my favorite things November 22, 2010

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so last Friday was Oprah’s Favorite Things, so I figured why not share with y’all some of my favorite things, since we’re just getting to know each other and all 😉

1. Bowls – I know, it’s weird, but it makes my oatmeal/yogurt/soup taste a little bit better if the bowl is cute

2. Spoons – again, maybe a little odd, but I LOVE soup spoons with the big round end and teaspoons with the skinny handle. I’m always on the lookout for fun new ones.

3. Coffee – i don’t know what I’d do without it each day, even if it’s decaf. Local coffee especially is so great! One thing to think about this holiday season, SHOP LOCAL! When you shop local, the money you spend goes back into your local economy and leave a smaller carbon footprint with shipping, etc….just a thought!

4. Naturally More – I use it on so many things, and it’s really helped with my digestion.

5. Coffee tumblers – I love to make them (see some of my other pictures) or buy them. Below is my latest heart’s desire for the holidays

6. lululemon yoga and running wear

7. cupcakes! – it’s really fun to have a treat once in a while

8. Larabars

9. per Erica’s comment, I have to add Doc to this list. He’s the love of my life!

10. frozen yogurt

…and then again, it seems like I’m guilty of falling into the materialism that our culture overwhelms us with this time of year. For me, it’s really the things you can’t buy in a store that counts. It’s the acts of kindness, your best friend’s famous chocolate chip cookies, Grandma’s vintage ring, Daddy’s pancakes on Christmas morning, the phone call from your sister when you need to talk, a spontaneous trip to the ice rink, making a family’s Christmas by donating a toy or making a Operation Christmas Child shoebox… that’s what really counts. Make your shopping count this holiday season.

What are your favorite things?


2 Responses to “my favorite things”

  1. Erica Says:

    Cute post 🙂 I love fun bowls!!! Especially ones that are shaped like fruits or vegetables (I have a giant watermelon bowl that I use as a fruit bowl…LOVE it). Other favorite things: Naturally More (so good), Justins Maple Almond Butter, Apples (I eat at least one a day), Target workout gear, my dog and husband (heheh….they’re not really things, but they need to be on the list), mistos/cafe au laits, ann taylor loft tops

  2. yay! another bowl lover 😉 Justin’s is so good. I really want to sample the peanut butter cups, and I LOVE apples (especially with Naturally More hehe), as well as mistos and my border collie–I can’t believe that I didn’t put him on there! random side note: I used to work at LOFT 😉

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