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The Last Noel December 5, 2010

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On Friday, I went back to Carolina to go to the gym ;). It was Noel’s “Last.Class.Ever.”

Noel is a group fitness instructor who was instrumental to my weight loss in college. She motivated me to push harder and allowed me to have fun while learning to love exercising. Group fitness was my key to success, and she was a large part of that.

She is on to do bigger and better things as she’s finishing her Ph.D.  The classes were “Guts, Butts, and Thighs” followed by “Cardio & Pump.” Since it was her last class (she’s been teaching at the Student Rec Center for several years), she told everyone to do an 80s theme.

The classes were so much fun…and, of course, a great work-out. My sister got me into the gym, but I had to buy a day pass. It was such a blast to work out with her.

We hung out after our work-out for a little while and got some decaf coffee at Caribou. Normally, I bring my own tumbler to save cups, but I did not have it on me, so I had to get a paper cup. Look how cute they are!

I like all the fun words and fonts. So fun! They went along with the S-N-O-W!!!!! It was so pretty coming down.

Saturday was the Les Mills Quarterly locally. I got a great work-out of BodyPump, BodyStep (with legendary trainer Darren!), the new Sh’BAAM! that was a blast, then a challenging RPM. After a long day of sweating, pedaling, and shaking ;), I was a hungry girl. Dinner was a salad with mixed greens, half an artichoke heart, edmame, carrots, and hummus; a mug of Mom’s turkey chili with Daiya sprinkled on top, and a glass of pinot noir.

I finally got to use my Christmas wine glass! I got it last year on sale. It says “Santa’s Little Helper,” “forget the milk and cookies, I want wine,” and has polka dots and stripes in red, green, pink, and orange! Y’all know how I am about fun dishes!

Three hours later, my stomach was growling at me again, so I had some dessert. Thanks to Clare

I had a sliced banana with Trader Joe’s pomegranate greek yogurt and one of Clare’s delicious chocolate cranberry cookies from the Blogger Baked Goods Exchange with a Tbsp of Naturally More on top in my perfectly-sized gingerbread mug. I had some truffle coffee as well.

Breakfast this morning was oats (of course!), but they had a PB&J flair today. In the mix:

  • 1/4 cup oats, water, almond milk, greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 smashed banana
  • sprinkles of cinnamon and salt
  • toppings: 1/2 banana, 1 Tbsp Naturally More, 1 Tbsp leftover cranberry sauce, 1/3 leftover honey oat bran muffin from Mimi’s


Today, I went to church, had a challenging sermon on trusting God and finding full satisfaction in Him. There are so many people who think they know Him but are in tragedy because they don’t show it or live it. I met my family at Carrabba’s. I had an Italian salad with the dressing on the side and Norwegian salmon with green beans. When I got home, I was still hungry so I had an apple and a hot chocolate. In my gingerbread mug went:

  • 2 Tbsp cocoa
  • 2 Tbsp Truvia
  • dash of salt
  • cup of almond milk (heated for 90 seconds)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla

It was perfect on a chilly afternoon while I baked for my blogger in the Baked Goods Exchange, Amanda. I had so much getting her package ready. I’ll post it later, but I want it to be a surprise for her. Amanda, it’s on its way tomorrow!

What are you up to today? Decorating? Baking? Watching Christmas movies or FOOTBALL!?


One Response to “The Last Noel”

  1. Erica Says:

    Yayyyy for the quarterly! They are always SO much fun. I really like a lot of the new stuff. So sad that your fav instructor is leaving- but thats awesome that she has so many amazing things ahead of her! Yayy for baking. I did a TON today too.

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