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A Parsnip and Quinoa Virgin No Longer December 8, 2010

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Hey y’all! I hope that you’re having a wonderful day! Sorry for being MIA yesterday. I was out and about and away from my computer. I needed some space after two and a half hours being attached to my laptop for  the IT guy to deal with the zombie.

My workout yesterday consisted of choreographing Zumba dances (my official certification is this weekend!!!) and yoga. I went to Margee’s class at One Heart Yoga, a local studio in Varina. We are so lucky to have Mira, the studio owner. Her heart and passion for yoga and local art is incredible. I also love how there are Bible verses around the studio as a great reminder for meditation. Here she is in front of the studio.

image [Source]

The class instructor, Margee, is fantastic! I love her sequences and flows (probably not the correct terminology, but I’m new to yoga). She challenges me like no other instructor has with poses. I am working to build up to do a lot of her one arm poses of balance and core strength, and I REALLY want to nail crow. She asked me what I wanted to work on yesterday, and I told her it did not matter to me. However, as we started, I wish I had said that I wanted core work, but I did not need to. She brought it! I was so sore (in a good way) this morning when I got out of bed. I am really loving yoga and the way my body is changing because of it.

 Here are some recent eats:

Breakfast for the past 2 days has been standard whipped banana chia seed oatmeal with pumpkin and Trader Joe’s peanut flour in the precious Christmas bowl with damask tumbler of strong, dark, black coffee ;). I used the dry ingredients as a background for the mug shot (pun intended). Yesterday, I tried goji berries and cacao nibs as an oatmeal topping. I usually use them on my breakfast cookie dough cereal but have never tried them on warm oats. I also added some slivered almonds, which gave an amazing texture. ‘Twas yummy with some Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter and Naturally More.

I am trying to finish all my pumpkin. I bought lots going into October and November. However, I like to use it as a treat just during the Fall and switch around for the winter. I’m thinking about gingerbread or sugar cookie oats in the near future as a December theme. Does anyone have an “eat clean” gingerbread or sugar cookie recipe? I’m on the hunt.

Lunch yesterday consisted of a turkey burger sprinkled with Daiya over mixed greens and a steamed veggie medley and hummus. On the side, a clementine in a bath of leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. The clementine was a great complement to the cranberry sauce as I put clementine zest and juice in the sauce.

When you make Thanksgiving for yourself, it lasts a looooong time. It’s been fun to get creative with leftovers. Here’s a few things I’ve done (as promised) other than the clementine with cranberry sauce…cranberry sauce over oats…

and green bean casserole in an omelette…

Last night I went back to my alma mater to Lenoir Dining Hall because my sister and I wanted to take a gift to our favorite worker, but she was not there. I ate a salad topped with quinoa (my first taste of this grain) and hummus with mixed veggies and fruit on the side. This was also my first experience with parsnips. They were delicious…such great peppery flavor. I want to buy some and try to cook some on my own. I also had some minestrone soup with extra green peas. Then I had another, smaller plate of the same stuff in a smaller portion.

I don’t know if it was too much food or whatever they use to cook the food in, but I had a bellyache for a while after I left.

We had a Vision Night at church last night where the body of members was updated on what’s gone on in the past year as far as small group growth, membership growth, overseas missions, giving, etc. It was SO encouraging and amazing to see how the Lord is working. I feel so blessed to be a part of that church and in seeing God move in so many ways. I am continuing to pray as to how I will be involved in His mission this year.

It’s great perspective at this time of year.

Now, I am sipping on some decaf coffee (IT’S SO COLD!) and eating some banana split cake from a local catering grill, Duncan Junction. My Mom has her team from work over to our house today for an “off site,” so she let me snag some dessert. It’s delicious, but I’m hoping that all the sugar does not make me sick as I’m sure it is NOT “eat clean.” I think it’s a Paula Deen recipe; if not, it’s close to one I’ve seen her make.

Have y’all seen any really good Christmas movies yet? If so, let me know what to check out!


2 Responses to “A Parsnip and Quinoa Virgin No Longer”

  1. Erica Says:

    Zumba cert this weekend???!!! That is awesome. Enjoy. I need to do more yoga….I just need to find the time 😉 That banana split cake looks yummy. I seriously JUST saw a lighter gingerbread pumpkin recipe- Found it!

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