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Anatomy Lesson: A is for Apple December 17, 2010

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My childhood best friend is home from grad school at UT-Austin. We’re both proud to be Fuquay girls, so we keep it local when we meet up. Today we met for lunch at

I rolled with the sampler platter of hummus, fruit salad, tabouli, baba ganoush, and bean salad. It was so flavorful…and coloful! I did not eat the bread.

We had such an amazing time catching up. I absolutely love her and am so thankful for our friendship! It’s rare to still have a close friend from when you were 5.

Pretty flower on our table 😉 The couple who owns the restaurant always has fresh flowers on the tables everyday.

Look what I saw on the way out…

Varina is getting a cupcake shoppe!!!!! WOOHOO! I can’t wait to go here (and blog about it hehe).

I ran some Christmas errands then came home and was hunnnnnngry. Time to use my new glass…A is for apple. 😉

The anatomy of my parfait in my A cup is:

and I had a real apple. Yummy! Now I’m waiting for wine o’clock with my Mom, contemplating baking/decorating/working out again. Dinner with the fam and Christmas lights tonight…get EXCITED!!!!! Have a wonderful evening y’all!

Have you heard the Dave Barnes/Hillary Scott duet, Christmas Tonight? I LOVE it! What’s your new favorite (or old favorite) Christmas song?


3 Responses to “Anatomy Lesson: A is for Apple”

  1. cbrady3 Says:

    Your lunch looks incredible!! Love platters like that.
    And love your new cup of course…such a sucker for cute dishes:)

    hard to say my favorite Christmas song. I think it’s probably a classic like Carol of the Bells.

  2. […] been anxiously awaiting their opening. I found out from Gina (the owner) today that they use all natural and organic […]

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