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A Christmas Tradition December 18, 2010

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As promised, as soon as Amber got home, we started decorating…

the tree before

putting on the ornaments is our thing

My favorite ornament…(Amber will KILL me for posting this, but I LOVE it!)

After decorating, Mom and I had a glass of vino. Santa’s still deciding if I’m naughty or nice…It’s a sweet white wine from Duplin Vineyard.

We went out for Japanese (it’s local and one of our favorites!!!) for dinner. I started with soup (yummy on a cold night) and a salad with ginger dressing. I usually don’t roll with dressing, but it’s ridiculously good.

Main course was “house veggies” a mix of sauteed zucchini, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, and sweet carrots with no rice. YUMMERS! Menus are a suggestion, right?

Sushi arrived a little late, but it was yummy. We all split the sushimi and sushi appetizer. I had a little bit of a few pieces with a mix of soy and wasabi. Do you like wasabi? It’s like “hurts so good” kind of taste hehe

Then…MEADOW LIGHTS!!!! Get ready for this. It’s a family tradition that we started several years ago. It’s a family who puts up a ridiculous amount of Christmas lights, has a little country store, and offers a train ride to see all their lights. We waitied in the train line for about 10 minutes in the cold…it’s so worth it! They also sell food and hot drinks. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…


Finally on the train…

Views from the train ride…

The country store…

Mom got orange slices, and Amber got chocolate-covered raisins. They love these every year!

The perfect beginning to Christmas…


Do you have any family traditions? I’d love to hear all about them!


5 Responses to “A Christmas Tradition”

  1. Erica Says:

    aw 🙂 So much fun! Tree looks fab. And I do love the ginger dressing too! The light tour looks like a blast. We have a place down here that does that too but we’ve never been! Enjoy your Sunday 😉

  2. cbrady3 Says:

    So much fun!! I always wish my family had more cute traditions like that.
    Our holiday plans have changed through the years…when we were little we did Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house and Christmas morning here.

    Now we do midnight mass (since I used to always play the harp at it) and a small Christmas afternoon here. I say afternoon because we usually don’t wake up til 11 or 12!! Presents are still getting opened at 3pm…totally strange!

    • ansauls Says:

      We do Christmas Eve at Mama’s and Christmas morning at home.

      YOU PLAY THE HARP?!? That’s SOOO cool. I’ve been looking for a midnight service around home but haven’t found one yet.

      That’s cute that y’all stretch Christmas Day out.

  3. Babygirl Says:

    Such great pictures… Very nice

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