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Southern Cuisine at Its Finest December 23, 2010

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While I was in Charleston, I had the opportunity to visit one of my best friends who is about to move across the country. For our “last hoorah” dinner, we chose Husk, a restaurant that just opened on Queen Street. Deep breath…here goes!

They bring their rolls in this precious cloth sack. My friend tried them and said they were yummy. They bring them out to start the meal, with pork butter…and his cocktail in the background,

The Copper Lantern HUSK’s version of the Gaslight, lighting the way to scotch
Dewars scotch, HUSK made sweet vermouth, Cointreau and a drop of local honey, chilled and served up with a Drambuie floater

I had a sip…yummers!

I was saving as many calories for…

Southern Fried Chicken Skins with Tabasco and Wadmalaw Honey and vino.

2007, Portugal-Douro, Niepoort, “Twisted”
(r) Touriga Franca & Touriga Nacional Dark cherry, blackberry & plum with dark chocolate and tobacco leaf

It was the perfect mix for a wonderful dinner…just heavy enough with an excellent blend of flavors.

I started with Marinated Beets with Asher Blue Cheese, a Salad of Citrus, Fennel and Kurious Farm Bibb Lettuce.

Then Sean, the chef, sent out NC Rabbit Stew with Black Pepper Dumplings…whoa! I’m not one for dumplings, but WHOA FOODGASM! Good ole NC 😉

For dinner…

Duo of Pork from Fudge Farms, Thornhill Garden Greens, Parsnip, NC Apples and Anson Mills Granola for me and

SC Triggerfish with Carolina Gold Rice, Wood Fired Red Peppers, Oyster Mushrooms and Brown Butter for him. Luckily, he’s a friend that lets me taste 😉 The risotto-style rice was perfectly creamy, and I loved the hint of red peppers. My dish was AMAZING. My mouth loved the creativity of apples and granola with pork. Hey, it’s good on oats, why not? hehe All of our meat was perfectly cooked, and my parsnip whip was the JAM! Literally, my palette was doing back handsprings of excitement with the flavors each course.

See his amazing style with that tie in the background. My outfit…

However, my favorite course was the final course! Y’all know how I roll!

a cute little jelly jar with homemade oatmeal cookie crumbled with a delectable creme and cocoa. It had a perfect texture and was just the right amount…not too much. My friend had a root beer molasses cake with creme on top. I may nor may not have licked the shaved chocolate off the plate…I would NEVER do that! 😉

We both ordered coffee, which came in an individual press…so great! I’m addicted to coffee at the end of a meal now.

Afterwards, we walked around–as it was SUCH a nice night–to see Christmas lights around Colonial Lake. I felt a little like Jovie on Elf as has always has fun stuff to show me, but this was Christmas style! Then, we drove around for a while too.

Thanks for a perfect night, bud! I’m really going to miss you!


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