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BIG News…and Support! December 26, 2010

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          I have exciting news for y’all!  I have been praying about my purpose in life and God’s will for me, and have made a big decision.  From May 6th-16th, 2011, I am going on a Christian medical mission trip to South Africa!

            Our team of 30 medical professionals, students, and pastors, will partner with a local ministry called Emoyeni (, which takes care of orphans whose parents died of AIDS.  Over 24% of South Africa’s population is HIV positive.  Where we will be, in Mpumalanga, over 36,000 children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.  In addition to the AIDS epidemic, children are dying every day because of childhood diseases that are preventable and curable. 

The purpose of this trip is to minister to the spiritual and medical needs of the people of Badplaas.  For the past four years, 1-2 medical teams per year have been sent to this same area and have succeeded in providing ongoing medical care for over 1,000 people in a few villages there.   We bring with us a huge mobile clinic, with over $100,000 in medications, surgical equipment, and supplies.  We give everyone free medical exams, treatments, dental care, glasses, any needed medication up to a year’s supply, and minor surgeries – whatever they need.  Many of the children have parasitic infections that can be cured with one pill, but without our help they would never be able to afford it.   We also teach them about sanitation, how to avoid transmission of HIV, and much more.  

While meeting the physical needs of South Africans is a major goal of this trip, the primary purpose is to share the love of Jesus.  Our desire is to bring hope to the hopeless, to minister the peace of Christ to those who live in daily turmoil, to bring joy to the people who know much sorrow. As we seek to bring physical healing to the villages of Mpumalanga, we are praying that God would use us to bring spiritual healing as well. 

I am very excited about what God is going to do in my life and in other people’s lives through this ministry.  To do this, I need your help.  The trip is being funded entirely through donations and by we who are going on the mission trip.   I need to raise $500 by January, and $2,600 by April 1, 2011.   If you would like to be a part of my support team, no amount is too small.  Most importantly, I need your prayer support.   I know that God honors our prayers and will bless his children in South Africa. 

As the Lord leads you, let me know if you would like to be a part of this awesome opportunity – I know that you too will be blessed.

Thank-you in advance for your prayers and support.  May God richly bless you.

Here’s the trip’s blog from last year if you want an idea of what I’ll get to do…



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