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Goal Post January 1, 2011

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The football is getting to me! LOVE it! So, here is my “goal post” for this year. It’s a mix of what worked for me in 2010 to inspire you and what I still need to work on in 2011.

I came across this Glamour article the other day and wanted to comment on goals for 2011. This is a great list, one that I incorporated in my 2009-2010 weight loss journey, with a lot of prayer…

1. Set a goal.

             I set a goal to run a 5K, but God had bigger plans. He allowed me to run a half marathon. I got BodyPump certified  and licensed in Zumba.

2. Get rid of the scale.

This worked for me because I began to compete with myself and my friends who told me what their weight was. The actual number really gets to me, and I found myself obsessively thinking about the numbers instead of what my body looked like.

3.       Slather on the SPF.

After watching my Mom have basal cells removed, I became very conscious of sunscreen in 2010 and stopped tanning all together. Even with sunscreen, I got a nice little glow in the sun . 😉

4.       Go to bed.

It may make me feel like I’m 80, but I need not only sleep but rest. I like to wake up with the sun so I don’t miss anything. I feel like if the sun is up, I should be too. Therefore, I can’t stay up as late as I did in college. Sometimes I feel like an old lady…

5.       Get out of your comfort zone.

Where to start here?! I’m a group fitness instructor now and I have a blog. I can’t believe it! A few years ago, I was praying to go to the gym, and now it’s where I go to have fun and have come to a place where I feel vulnerable and confident enough to share it. This is definitely one of my goals for 2011 because I need to do it more often. ( I also got to shadow and practice some Medical Assistant techniques that I was scared to try!)

In 2011, so far, this looks like going to South Africa on a Christian medical missions trip.

6.       Stick to your (healthy) values.

I wish someone had told me that eating clean is not easy when you first begin–the withdrawals I experienced were rough–but sticking to my decision and values has made it easier (I just turned down molten cake and had a pear instead.).

7.       Quit drinking.

I haven’t done this yet, and probably won’t. An occasional glass of wine is something I enjoy; however, maybe it’s a good goal for some this year, or at least cutting back so that you don’t drink your calories. You just have to budget how you want to get your calories.

8.       Recharge with some time away.

There’s nothing like an hour of yoga away from life, five minutes to breathe or go outside for a walk, time that is all your own, without interruptions.

9.       Make a weight loss plan.

For me, this is consistent exercise and making smart eating decisions. Don’t expect to just wake up on 1.1.2011 and change everything. Start with one change at a time, conquer that goal, and set yourself up for success.

10.   Listen to your body.

WHOA! This is so important. Sometimes my Mom wants wine, I don’t. Sometimes I crave chocolate cake or a burger or a salad. Give your body what it’s asking for. If you want a beer, have it. If you need some cardio, do it! Ignoring your body is just going to make you crave it worse, make bad decisions, and over-indulge later.

11.   Plan meals ahead of time.

This has been soooo helpful in my life! When my family goes to dinner and gets an unhealthy dessert (my weakness), it’s easier for me to make a decision to wait for the greek yogurt parfait I have waiting for me if I make it ahead of time. The same thing goes with taking OIAJ to go for breakfast instead of eating the bagel with cream cheese or breakfast sandwich that’s all the coffee shoppe has…and I save $ this way.

12.   Try a new workout.

I had runner’s pride for a while and “knocked” yoga, but I tried it this year (and hot yoga!) and LOVE it! It’s the best balance to weights and cardio and has toned my core like no other! This is the best I’ve felt about my body. Balance is key!

13.   Create a home gym.

My parents are lucky enough to have a home gym, so if I don’t want to get out or don’t have time, it’s convenient for me to still get my workout in. DVDs are helpful to me to create a group fitness experience at home. This can be a quick set-up…just weights, a yoga mat, Pilates ball, some DVDs, maybe a cardio machine or bike.

14.   Carve out “me” time.

  I feel so guilty for this so often…splurging on coffee or a shopping trip, reading, traveling, a good meal, but it’s so nice. You’re worth it!

15.   Stop obsessing.

KEY! This was so essential for me. I’m not perfect. Every little detail is not going to go my way, and I can’t be in control of it all. Take those dangerous thoughts captive and check your priorities! I still have to work on this in 2011 so that I do not freak out over every single calorie and if I’ve worked out enough to eat ___.

16.   Learn how much food your body needs.

This is another goal for me in 2011…I’m still working on this. What does “full” feel like for me?

17.   Enlist friends.

ESSENTIAL! I tried to go it alone and failed miserably. My best friend told me “I miss the old Ashley,” and it snapped me into a reality check of who I was becoming. Now my friends and strong Christian disciple check in with me on a regular basis to make sure I’m balancing life.

This list is comprehensive for me and may or may not work for your body, your life, and your schedule. Take what you need and like and leave what you don’t. I’d love to hear your tips and goals and things that have worked for you, as well as things that you want to work on in 2011. It’s OK if you don’t accomplish everything that you set out too; it just goes to show you that your list wasn’t too easy. (Thanks, Angela for that inspiring thought!)


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