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A Day for the Books January 5, 2011

Evening, y’all! I HAVE to catch y’all up on yesterday. Amber (my little sister and best friend) gave me a note for Christmas that promised a sister date that included Burlesque. I’ve been counting down the days until we got to hang out. We do “sister dates” pretty often and have come to realize that making plans is useless because we always change them, so we just go for it now!

I got up and had an amazing quiet time, then made some quick breakfast….

…my last 2 pieces of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread toasted covered in topped with peanut flour banana sauce, 1/2 sliced banana and cacao nibs for a pretty garnish. I also rolled with a teeny bowl of mixed fruit with keifer since I was going to donate platelets and needed extra calcium.

And coffee, of course!

Then it was off to teach Zumba!

Snack after Zumba in the car…

Back at home, quick shower (are y’all liking the play-by-play? hehe), off to da hospital for platelet donation…

Well, I tried to give, but my CBC revealed a platelet count that was too low, so I couldn’t donate 😦 Amber was able to, so I watched Madagascar with her while she gave, then we went for a late lunch at Johnny Carino’s (my first time!).

Lunch was a lesson in giving your body what it needs (a goal of mine this year, well, for my body 😉 ). I REALLY wanted spaghetti and meatballs, a craving that was maybe for the first time in my life. I usually don’t even like meatballs, but I went for it (even with a little fresh grated parmesan cheese) after much contemplation over healthier options on the menu. At least this was cheaper 😉 I did order it with whole wheat pasta, and all they had was penne.

Their meatballs are handmade and full of peppers and spices…exactly what my body wanted!

I am so glad I went with this instead of going with a healthier option that would not have been as satisfying. The lunch also came with a salad, and I had caesar, another splurge that I usually don’t do, but their house salad didn’t sound very good…mostly cheese and croutons on lettuce, you know what I mean? Definitely NOT a salad beast.

It was really fresh and crunchy with actually just the right amount of dressing and a little parmesean cheese. I also read recently somewhere that parmesean is good to eat in your 20s, though I don’t remember why exactly :/

The lunch also came with bread and oil. I let Amber handle that on her own…

because I was saving room for dessert…

Amber had a coupon for a free Like it, but they were out of Like it cups, so we got LOVE it size cups 😉 WOOHOO. She had dark chocolate with raspberries, and I had cinnamon  sexybun batter with chocolate chips and raspberries…again, giving my body what it wanted, and boy was it worth it! AMAZING! Maybe my best creation ever!

Happy girls! This is such a treat for us…

Demolished. Period.

Then we made a Trader Joe’s run because there’s not one by our house, and Amber the best sister ever gave me a gift card for Christmas. Y’all will see those goodies appearing in the near future 😉 I got a lot of new things that I’ve been wanting to try (and some stuff I hadn’t planned on getting) so that I can achieve my goal of something new/creative everyday with food.

Sadly, apparently, Burlesque is out of theatres now; however, Amber to the rescue found…

a small local theatre built in the 30s that has $2.50 movies that was still showing it! Isn’t it cool how stuff just works out sometimes (thanks, God!).

If these chairs could talk….

Not only did we see Burlesque, which was an AMAZINGLY beautiful dance/singing movie with a gorgeous and talented cast! I definitely recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. It was a sight to behold on the big screen. (I have a secret fantasy to do something like that once in my life. I love pretty costumes and singing and performing. As quiet as I am in real like, I LOVE to perform and be on stage. I danced all through school since age 3 and miss it.)

Inspiration for modeling and being silly…

“You can tell she’s a good dancer by the way she drinks a soda pop.” ~ Ramone from The Proposal. (There was a soda pop sign on the wall, and I couldn’t resist! hehe)

Since we were already there, we stayed for Life as We Know It too. What a cute movie! It’s hilarious, and has a great cast! Check this one out too, but it’s a little chick-flickish!


Epic and fun day!

I love you, little sis!

Have you ever seen 2 movies in one day at the movie theatre? Do y’all do anything like this with your siblings?


One Response to “A Day for the Books”

  1. Erica Says:

    That is SO fun. Glad you got what you really wanted at lunch. Looks delicious. My sister lives very far away so I rarely get to see her 😦 Charleston is getting a TJs in July!!

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