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Is Black the New Brown? January 6, 2011

My new product of the day (from the Trader Joe’s run!) that y’all have been inspiring me to try…

It’s an oat topping to begin…

Also in the pretty polka dot bowl went:

  • 1/4 cup old-fashioned oats, water, almond milk, greek yogurt
  • sprinkles of cinnamon and sea salt
  • 1 tsp maple flavoring and peanut flour
  • toppings: Nature’s Path pumpkin raisin cereal for CrUnCh, 3 dried cherries, BLACKBERRIES (a new topping), 1/2 sliced nanner

Purdy good! + half caf

Fo lunch I met one of my best girlfriends at the mall to help her shop for new clothes for her NEW JOB! Congratulations, Melissa! I am SOOOO proud of you. Y’all her story is seriously an answer to prayer as god seriously brought her the most perfect job at the perfect time. She wanted to eat at Kabobi, a Mediterranean-style restaurant, in the Food Court…

I wasn’t sure what to munch on, but they had descriptions of how everything was seasoned and cooked, which was very helpful. I ended up with chicken grilled in lemon juice, salt and pepper, hummus, and a cucumber salad with onions and tomatoes and a little oil and spices. The salad was really chunky with tons of texture. The man getting my food was the owner and was so sweet…”Very good choice,” he said.  😉

Plus a side of fresh tzatziki. It literally had fresh mint leaves in it.

It’s great to eat authentic “ethnic” food instead of an Americanized version. They use the best and freshest ingredients. It was pretty tasty for cheap food court…great idea, Mel!

We had no luck helping her find business pants that fit…ugh, but I was so honored that she asked me to help!

Snack after burning some calories shopping 😉 I’m SO thankful to have these back in my life….

Ok, I’m reading more and more about black rice. Have y’all tried it yet? I really want to make it for  my Mom soon. I read this article about it yesterday and its benefits. It sounds like a great food to have in your diet, but I wonder if it’s a “craze.” Is black the new brown for eating clean? hmmm….

P.s. – whole living is a great magazine (used to be called body+soul). Do y’all ever read it?

I got to teach Zumba at One Heart. It’s such a beautiful and inspiring space. The ladies who showed up were such a blast!

Then, DINNER PARTY! My best childhood friends (we’ve been friends since we were 5!) is home from Austin and came over from dinner. She’s like a part of the family. In fact, we walked into my parents house, and they screamed to hug her and totally ignored me 😉 Oh well! It was SUCH a treat to have her…not to mention my Mommy’s delicious cooking!

Salad beast with mixed greens, celery, carrots, traditional hummus, pomegranate Craisins for sweetness, tomato…and multigrain boule on the side dipped in EVOO with various spices. Also, notice the glass of Malbec. Boy, was I craving vino after Zumba last night! I don’t know if it was because Amber and I skipped dinner the night before to watch two movies, but I was hungry ALL day. I had another glass of wine while we sat and chatted, another piece of bread, and…

…some Angus Barn cheddar cheese with a few of the Angus Barn homemade crackers and Mom’s homemade turkey chili. She’s so kind to make it with turkey for me instead of beef. It tasted amazing! I think it’s seriously the best batch she’s ever made, and chili just gets better with time 😉 Can’t wait for leftovers.

And dessert (don’t leave home without it!)

a piece of 100% cacao, organic Braeburn apple, dollop of Naturally More since I went for sunflower butter at breakfast….and half caf!

We had a blast catching up and chatting. Old friends are so wonderful!


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