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The End of the Pie January 6, 2011

Mom took me to  her favorite greek restaurant today…2 mediterranean lunches in a row. I could move to Greece 😉 Today I rolled with a greek salad with a chicken kabob, hummus, and baba ganoush. It was delish! The salad was a BEAST with pepperoni, feta, tomato, olives…with a little oil. Y’all it’s so fresh, with yummy fat. Flava explosion! I had an organic Cameo apple for dessert.

I got a lot done today and am FINALLY caught up on blog world. You ladies are amazing! I have a list a mile long to try. Whew!

Mom treated us to frozen yogurt a little taste of heaven when we left the office at Crema across the street. Here’s the menu board…

Mom got vanilla yogurt with chocolate chip cookie dough and walnuts. I had vanilla yogurt with peaches, strawberries and raspberries. They mix everything in a blender, and mine came out pink and looked like a flower!

I have been so hungry today! 30 minutes later I ate a lifesaver… hehe

It was so yummy, but I wonder if I am getting too many calories! I look at the calories and try to portion-size control, but I try not to calories count exactly anymore and have no idea how many calories I net everyday.

I taught Zumba tonight to my Club 59 ladies, then came back for dinner…

I love some healthy leftovers…kale, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, celery with Angus Barn cheddar, and carrots with roasted red pepper hummus. Plus some Angus Barn homemade crackers with a little more cheddar. And a mug of turkey chili…

And a glass of Malbec. I always crave wine after Zumba.

Dessert…half caf and my last piece of Angus Barn chocolate chess pie. Tears. Only tears. But it was so yummy! Maybe I can afford a visit by Christmas of this year 😉

Watching Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice now…no football this evening. I’m so glad that the shows are back, but I do love those Christmas movies! What are y’all doing tonight?


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