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Celebrating Mom January 21, 2011

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What’s up, buttercups? 🙂

I hope that y’all have had a fabulous day!

I woke up early did some Zumba practice then 25 minutes on the Treadclimber at home while I watched lecture DVDs…Queen of Multitasking, remember? hehe

Since yesterday was Mom’s birthday, I took her out to brunch today at our favorite little place…


We didn’t eat until around 11 a.m., and I was sooooooo hungry! How do y’all handle eating on your family’s schedule? I feel so selfish being so cranky and hungry by waiting that long, especially on trips. I need advice!

Anywho, I rolled with a PUMPKIN (yes, they still have pumpkin!!!) muffin and grapefruit juice to start (their breakfast comes with juice). Juice is an indulgence for me, and it was yummy…a nice little treat, especially grapefruit–a little tangy and sweet at the same time!

Main course for breakfast from their Fresh and Fit menu (so nice!): the Low-fat Fitness Omelette (egg whites, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, and diced tomatoes) served with fresh fruit.

All I left on the plate was the fruit rind 😉 I don’t always eat off the “fit” menus because a lot of time it’s just eggs and meat or just cereal and yogurt, but this was a good one. It was soooo yummy!

Then Mom and I headed to the spahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Boy, was I tight today. It was the kind of massage that hurts so good, you know? However, I can tell that yoga is helping with my tightness. Again, I’m the most blessed girl in the world, I know.

Quick snack after being pampered….fro yo from Marmalade Skies!


I had Marshmallow (all-natural, sugar-free…they sweetened it with Stevia!!!), and it was only 66 calories per 4 oz. I probably had a little under 2 cups (I think. I’m bad with judging sizes.) Toppings: raspberries and kiwi. Kiwi may be my favorite topping on frozen yogurt.

Now we’re about to re-group to head out for Mom’s family birthday dinner….Bass Lake Draft House, I think. That means salmon and double veggies for me. Do y’all have “usuals” at your favorite restaurants? I can be so boooooring, but when you get a good thing, stick with it! 😉

Have a great rest of your Friday!!! What are y’all up to this weekend? Any football predictions out there? 😉




2 Responses to “Celebrating Mom”

  1. I definitely understand what you mean about having to deal with family members’ eating schedules, especially when it’s so different from your own. What i’ve found works for me is just eating small snacks whenever I get hungry to keep from getting cranky and then eating main meals that are a bit smaller when my family is ready. I also stick with my usuals when I go to a restaurant just because if I know I get something new I don’t like, I’ll beat myself up for not sticking with my classic favorite 🙂

    Btw that yogurt sweetened with stevia looks delicious!

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