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Crazy, Wonderful, Happy Bowl Day January 25, 2011

Hey y’all! It’s been a crazy wonderful day! Thanks for the comments on TOMS…so helpful! Now I just have to pick a pattern that I like. What a challenge!

Today’s breakfast is dedicated to Mira. She calls it her “Happy Bowl.” She told me it’s a food combination nightmare but really random and really good!

Mira’s Happy Bowl

  • 2 chopped dates
  • 1 organic Fuji apple 
  • 1/3 avocado
  • 1 tbsp tahini hummus (She uses tahini or almond butter, but I didn’t have any on hand.)
  • cinnamon

I’ve NEVER had hummus for breakfast before, but it was really good and refreshing. Hummus for breakfast was my new ingredient for the day. I’ll do it again for sure.

And I had some “a is for almond milk” to drink 😉

I taught Zumba this morning. A little later, I had a Cherry Pie Larabar, but who hasn’t seen one of those?

I went with my grandma to get her hair done, then she took me out to lunch today. I picked Nil’s Bakery (can you believe it?!), and I had greek salad per usual. I was really in the mood for a salad. Their’s is sooooo yummy!

Afternoon snack: a chai tea latte from Starbucks over studying.

Then it was off to Hot Yoga for some detox and relaxation at One Heart Yoga in Varina. ahhhhhhhh! Mira really challenged us today and made some great adjustments to really help me feel the poses better. What an amazing woman!

More studying, then Bible study! Bible study snacks. Our hostess is the BEST. She even takes into account my love for raw food, and is seriously the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

I had all this goodness and then some more veggies with hummus and orange slices. The colors in this plate are beautiful.

The Bible study ladies are AMAZING! What an encouragement! God is teaching me a lot about obedience through Jonah. I’m praying for exactly what He has for me and what He wants me to get out of it and how I can be obedient to Him.

When I got home, I wanted dessert…

Ashley’s Happy Bowl (my take on Mira’s bowl hehe)

  • smashed banana
  • little greek yogurt (gotta get that protein!)
  • cinnamon
  • 3 slices of kiwi
  • 4 chopped strawberries
  • a few raw almonds and pistachios that have been soaked, toasted, and refrigerated (whew! a lot with those nuts!)
  • a BIG dollop of Naturally More (it’s all I had today)
  • some apple pie spice for fun
  • a square and a half-ish of 85% cocoa chocolate

Yummmmmmmy! And, I got to eat it while chatting with my best friend on the phone!!! Does today get any better?!

I am on the hunt for a Valentine’s Bowl for February…have y’all seen any that I’d like? hehe

Now it’s time for this little girl to get some beauty sleep. Do you have anything or topics that you want me to address? I’m thinking of starting a Reader’s Request Day. Let me know!

Sweet dreams, bloggies! Anything fun on the agenda for tomorrow?


2 Responses to “Crazy, Wonderful, Happy Bowl Day”

  1. Erica Says:

    Target always seems to have awesome seasonal bowls. I’d check there!! That breakfast bowl sounds totally interesting. Avocado? Hummus? I’d have to try it!

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