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IMPORTANT: New URL February 7, 2011

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Hey y’all, so since pictures are worth 1000 words (maybe more when they’re of a once-in-a-lifetime dish), so starting February 8, 2011, I’ll be blogging from Please subscribe to this new address. Thank-you! I’ll see you on ashley¬†nicole avenue ūüėČ


Peanut Flour Banana Sauce Tutorial January 9, 2011

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I’ve had several questions about how to make peanut flour sauce lately, so here’s the official tutorial! It’s so easy!

1. Start with a little sea salt (I don’t measure anything…sorry!), peanut flour (about 1 and 1/2 tbsp), about 1/8 tsp Truvia,…it’s all about your taste and what combination you like.

2. Mash 1/2 a banana in the dry mix.

3. Add almond milk to desired consistency.

4. Add some cinnamon to taste and stir like crazy to m ix everything together.

¬†5. FEAST! Seriously, it’ll rock your face off!

It’s great on pancakes, toast, oatmeal, by itself or¬†as a dip for fruit.



So Raise Your Glass January 1, 2011

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New Years at the Sauls house goes a little like this…

Black and gold that we didn’t plan.

Food…we always have a potluck spread.

My plate: baked beans, 1 beer-cooked dog bit, mac-n-cheese, chili, stewed carrots and celery, a corm muffin (ate half), 2 pieces of my Daddy’s famous pork, big salad with roasted red pepper hummus. I like these sectioned plates. They help with portion control.

Dessert: I went back to the house (benefits of hosting) and got some greek yogurt, crumbled some Ooey¬†Gooey Butter Cake (Paula Deen’s¬†recipe) and a few sugared¬†pecans (not sure what exactly was on them, but they may be used in oats in the near future), plus a little half caf.

Then the party got started!!!

Jello-shooters…(my Mom is the CUTEST!!!). I had 1 little bite of Mom’s. My first taste ever…loved it!




Fun attire

These are my Zumba mamacitas that I teach to on Mondays and Thursdays.

My beautiful date for the evening…you can swoon, it’s cool!

Happy 2011!!!¬† I’ve loved reading everyone’s goals and 2010 recaps so I can see all I’ve missed in your lives. Thanks for sharing you lives with me. I wish you truth, love, laughter, joy, and peace this year.

I looked up my goals from 2010 in my journal…

I’m working on the 2011 ones. What’s your goals for 2011? What was your biggest accomplishment of 2010?