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Around the World in A Day January 2, 2011

At least with food ;). It’s been a fun day of eating foods from all over the world!

Let’s begin our world in Asia. Mom and I grabbed a quick lunch at Mama Fu’s after dropping my Mema off. They have these amazing steam bowls…super clean and healthy. It’s brown rice with steamed veggies then you can add a protein. I added tofu. It was some of the best I’ve ever had.

Sauces are served on the side, but I didn’t use any. The clean taste of the food by itself was yummy enough for me!

After running some errands, it was snack time! Lunch was not super filling at all…just perfect! Larabars = my lifesaver!

We’re just getting around to celebrating Christmas with our family friends (who have become like an Aunt and Uncle). My Uncle Carl made my FAVORITE dinner of his tonight…tacos! These are not your typical tacos…they’re foodgasmic. Imagine crunchy carrots, radishes, celery, onions…off to Guam!

I just put the veggies over Trader Joe’s organic blue corn chips (they have organic oil and sea salt on them). I ate half and decided I needed more flava, so I added about 2 Tbsp of ground beef (and a few more veggies) to fit in more with the family. It was the only protein option tonight. My plate…

Now off to Argentina for some vino (Finca Roja Malbec)

Back to America…and Greece 😉 hehe

Not close to being full so that I could have room for dessert: slice of Angus Barn chocolate chess pie warmed with a cup of about 2 Tbsp of greek yogurt (I run through this stuff like nobody’s business) with cacao nibs and 5 sugared pecans (can’t get enough!).

Time for Christmas presents. An ornament for Amber…

Candles for Mom…

a Blue Ray player for the family…WOW!

a Ho ho ho (you have to know the joke) towel for Aunt JuJu

Yes, there’s football in the background. Now we’re watching Knight and Day sipping on some half caf.

I also have to share that God is blowing my mind with raising support for my South Africa trip! It’s amazing to step out of my comfort zone and see what He can do. WOW! See y’all tomorrow!


Out of the Office December 19, 2010

Hey y’all! Has anyone else been watching football? 🙂

Just FYI: I’ll be away until Wednesday, but I’ll should have some really fun posts when I return.

My family was craving Mexican tonight for dinner, so we went to a little local place that we frequent. I had the Pollo Fiesta Salad (lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, onions) with fajita veggies and about a Tbsp of guac. My sister doesn’t like it, so she graciously gives me hers. We’re a good dining pair 😉 and menus are just a suggestion, right?

We drove around our little community after dinner for about an hour looking at everyone’s Christmas lights. When we got home, guess what time it was…dessert time! hehe You know my philosophy that every meal deserves dessert.

Chocolate Peppermint coffee from the December Blogger Exchange gift from Clare.


Biscotti from one of my girlfriends. I am asking for the recipe because it was a-ma-zing!!!!! I’ve randomly been wanting to try it recently. WOW!


a little greek yogurt, Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter, and creme filling from this morning, and a piece of 100% Ghirardelli dark chocolate (I heard this week that as long as you eat more than 70% dark chocolate, it’s good for you). It was the perfect balance of texture, crunch, and sweetness….yummy!

I can’t get enough of that cute little cup and spoon. Have y’all noticed that small dishes help you eat less? I try to always use an appetizer-sized plate when I eat at home.

More Christmas traditions…my sister  Elfie ALWAYS puts her creative touch on the bows that go on our presents. She’s an artist really.

And with that, I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams. I’ll see y’all in a few days! I’ll miss y’all!